Michael and Abigail are a fun-loving couple, so it was a no-brainer that their wedding had to be just as exciting as they are! With the theme #MikeStoleAbby, they hired us at Sarah Annabella to make sure that the event was nothing short of amazing. With the main festivities split into three sections across the span of a single day, we carefully plotted out the details to make sure that everything was not just tasteful and elegant down to the slightest T— it also had to be larger than life to suit the happy couple. Photographer Alex Tan was on the scene for the whole event from start to finish, making sure that not a single moment went uncaptured for the memories.

Mike and Abby’s wedding began with a simple church ceremony at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Pulau Tikus, Penang, where their nearest and dearest gathered at the pews to watch them exchange vows in a traditional Catholic ceremony.

Our Arch Decoration at the Church

Decoration inside the church lovingly done by us

Flower Decoration on the church

After the church ceremony, the wedding party moved on to the Lone Pine Hotel in Penang, where the customary ‘fetch-the-bride’ activities occurred in accordance to Chinese tradition. Mike and Abby were separated, and Abby was barricaded in the bridal room to await her groom. Suited up and looking dapper in traditional red Chinese wear, Mike and his groomsmen paid the bribe and enacted the silly challenges doled out by Abby’s protective bridesmaids. After much amusement and merriment, a relieved Mike was finally allowed into the bridal room where Abby was waiting patiently in a beautiful lace dress of fiery red with capped sleeves and an elegant Mandarin collar. While the two reunited briefly, there was much to be done still with the tea ceremony ahead.

The tea ceremony was held at the hotel’s garden. Our team brought the area to life in a soft palette of white with turquoise blue and blush tones. Fanning the skyline were cheerful bunches of bright Tiffany-blue balloons which were tied at alternating rows of the seats— these were to be used for a special activity after the ceremony. A white walkway bordered with tall decorative bouquets of white orchids drew all eyes straight to the beautiful ivory pavilion that was the centerpiece. It was here that the bride and groom would be partaking in the tea ceremony with their family. Roses wound around the pillars of the pavilion as more orchids draped from the roof. It was under this charming frame that Mike and Abby received blessings from their family while serving them tea, sealing the last of the traditional customs to be finally be officiated as husband and wife. Upon that announcement, the bridal party and their guests proceeded down to the beach, each person with a bright blue balloon in hand. Everyone gathered together and released the balloons into the sky in one go. This was a symbolic gesture of triumph and celebration in honour of the newly wed couple.

Garden Wedding Decoration theme, Something Blue

Beautifully done arch for the tea ceremony

The last event of the day was the dinner, which was also held at out in the open on the grounds of the Lone Pine Hotel. The dining area was a masterpiece, set under a see-through canopy lit up by white Japanese paper lanterns. A sheltered aisle led up to the to the prominent stage, draped in peachy-blush with bright blue Japanese parasols, keeping in sync with the oriental accents. Twinkling fairylights hung from the canopy roof to light up the area in a dreamy sparkle when night fell.

Getting ready for the dinner

The host table decoration. Everyone love it!

Guests filing in for cocktails and registration were not only captured by the beautiful set-up, but also by the fun interactive photo booth that we had set up for their entertainment. A huge faux-grass backdrop and platform was set up for them. The double-sided backdrop was decorated with a white picket fence, elegant white arch and sweet birdcages filled with roses on one side; and on the other side of the backdrop was another platform with framed pictures of the happy couple. We even supplied various props such as funny signs, hats, frames, and costumes for guests to go crazy with and commemorate the day with pictures!

Night View of the decoration

Overall setting of the tables, chairs and tent

Stage Setup wonderfully setup by our team

Amidst the air of happiness and excitement, the quirky wedded pair made an unusual grand entrance to the dinner. Arriving— suit, wedding dress and all— on a motorcycle! The funny couple had a few more tricks up their sleeves with injecting their personality into the ceremony. For example, during the cake cutting, a tiered tray of cheeseburgers and nuggets were also brought out for the groom! Soon after a few words by the couple, the guests tucked into a delicious buffet dinner whilst a live band serenaded them. After dinner, Abby had one last outfit change before the night ended. This time, she donned a glittery ensemble with a rose gold bodice and an asymmetrical skirt with delicate floral beadwork in gold. Hilarious dance numbers, funny speeches, jokes, and toasts ensued as the night went on. With much laughter and love, the elaborate ceremony, which lasted from early morning and whittled away into the later part of the night, could not have been done better. And while the jest of how #MikeStoleAbby was the essence of the affair, the memorable event ended stealing everyone’s hearts.